Know the status of every project – in an instant

With Cheetah Transformation, you’ll never need to ask “what’s the status” ever again. We’ll make sure you always know exactly what’s going on with your projects, so you can stop worrying and get more done.

Through training, consultancy and Smartsheet licences; we bring clarity to your project planning. We’ll show you how to organise your people, processes and technology to transform your business, giving you the visibility you need.

With the right systems and strategies in place, your teams will work better together – and you’ll gain the confidence that every project is right on track.

How Process, People & Technology come together to deliver transformation

Smart Strategies

for the way you work today


Cheetah Transformation​

When you’re working in a large, fast-paced environment, juggling multiple projects isn’t always easy, particularly when several teams are involved.

If you’re struggling to get the visibility you need across your projects, we can help.

At Cheetah Transformation we provide large organisations with all the support they need to plan, track and manage projects more effectively.

Cheetah Transformation is a Certified Channel Partner to Smartsheet on the Smartsheet Aligned programme and provides customers with Smartsheet consultancy, training & licences.

Smartsheet Solution Certified

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At Cheetah Transformation, we work closely with Smartsheet, and many of our clients have chosen Smartsheet to power their project planning.

Smartsheet is a powerful project management tool that can be used by every department in your organisation. With Smartsheet you can plan more effectively, deliver projects faster and make better decisions every day.

  • Increased visibility – instantly see the real-time status of all projects
  • Increased transparency – everyone knows what needs doing and who needs to do it
  • Increased accountability – people take responsibility for the actions they need to complete
  • One version of the truth – no more consulting several spreadsheets and countless emails, wondering whether the information is up-to-date

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Companies Powered by Smartsheet

Over 70,000 brands, millions or information workers across 190 countries and 50% of the Fortune 500 trust Smartsheet with their work.

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