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The Cisco story in Smartsheet is fascinating for a number of reasons. They spend $300m per year on system improvements, but didn’t have a handle on the progress / visibility / transparency of these projects.  That sounds familiar. Their legacy system was inflexible and took 2 days to create a new project.

Cisco implemented Smartsheet Control Centre, and they can now create a new project in seconds. The key message for me is around how the visibility and transparency of progress as viewed through Smartsheet has transformed the way they work.  The sentence that resonates is “there is no debate on the date now”. Cisco have also benefitted from some smart features for example, show me changes in the last 24 hours. Congratulations to Hina Patel and her team.

To discuss how Cheetah Transformation can help you bring transparency & visibility to your projects through Smartsheet, please get in touch.

Cisco video is below:

At Cisco we’re here to power the Internet. Smartsheet is really instrumental in helping us achieve that vision. Our customers are looking for Cisco to be a critical partner with them in order for them to be successful in providing a comprehensive network capabilities to their customers.

This organization spends about 300 million dollars a year on system improvements, technology improvements and what have you. However, the organization was not clear on exactly what projects we’re doing, where they are from the status perspective. There wasn’t a lot of accountability, no central sort of way of managing these conversations and decisions.

The main things to solve is to have a services level program management organization which would allow transparency across all the groups. When I came in there was another tool that the team had selected. It kind of imploded on itself. The tool was not flexible. It would take us four weeks just to get a couple of projects up on that dashboard and if we wanted to add a project it takes two days.

Introducing Smartsheet – bringing visibility and transparency to projects

I rallied my team around Smartsheet. What we’ve been able to do in a relatively short period of time is move from an organization that didn’t know what they were spending on project budgets to an organization that knows exactly what they are spending.

Smartsheet helps us with speed to decision-making around scope budget and timeline. It’s very collaborative, so when you talk about date of delivery there’s no debate on the date now. The notification feature shows you exactly what’s changed on projects and who’s been doing what and that is huge. We were really enamoured by that feature.

Smartsheet is really instrumental in helping us focus on the projects and what we’re trying to solve for and not to focus on the tool and the formats. Smartsheet has a very low barrier to entry. It’s not a lot of your investment from a time or money perspective to get a taste for what it can do. So it would behoove you to take the time to give it a shot.

If you would like greater transparency and visibility of your projects through Smartsheet, please feel free to get in touch.

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