Death of the Steering Pack. How Smartsheet is helping PayPal cut costs, save time and make better decisions

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You might think a global company like PayPal never has to worry about project data. Here’s their story about Smartsheet.

Surely they have some super-smart system that instantly serves up the stats with just a wave of the hand – Mission Impossible style?

But in reality, when it comes to accessing and analysing project data, PayPal faces exactly the same challenges you do: How to ensure information is up-to-date and accurate, without constantly tweaking or interpreting data to check projects are on track.

Jeff Cowley from PayPal’s Office of the CIO was interviewed at this year’s Smartsheet Engage conference in Seattle. I’ve popped the video below because it includes some great insights that you can apply in your own business.

But first, let’s take a look at why PayPal became a Smartsheet customer…

The Challenge PayPal Faced

With multiple projects, hundreds of people, and masses of data, PayPal needed a project tool to help them roll up information to present at their weekly C-suite meetings.

In the past they’d combined various systems including spreadsheets, MS Project, Trello and so on.

The problem was, teams were then spending lots of time consolidating complex data from the various platforms into PowerPoint.

This raised a number of issues for PayPal. Not only was it time-consuming but there was a constant danger of typos or misinterpretation of data.

With multiple layers of people extracting data and then transcribing it – the interpretation was taken further and further from the truth with each passing minute.

A Single Tool – A Single Truth

PayPal needed a single tool to provide just one system of record. While looking for the right platform, they considered a number of tools but eventually chose Smartsheet.

Since introducing Smartsheet to the business, PayPal is able to focus time on solving issues rather than on producing steering packs and PowerPoint content.

It’s also made resource savings and cut consultancy fees that can now be spent elsewhere.

Watch the interview with PayPal’s Jeff Cowley below to discover how PayPal…

  • Used YouTube videos to learn the basics of Smartsheet and test the feasibility of introducing the platform
  • Put an end to the endless tweaking of PowerPoint slides
  • Ensures the data presented is always accurate and timely – right up to the minute a meeting begins

If you’re inspired by PayPal’s experience with Smartsheet and would like to find out how Cheetah Transformation can help improve results in your business, click here to book your free discovery call.

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