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GE is transforming the renewable energy sector

Smartsheet have released another customer success story, showcasing how General Electric has harnessed the power of Smartsheet to revolutionise how they manage their wind turbines. The transformation is a familiar one. Before Smartsheet, the operations team was getting weighed down by hundreds of emails, files stored everywhere and many meetings. The work was unstructured, disorganised and inefficient. Now, everything is captured, reported and displayed as Dashboards via Smartsheet.


GE have now built their workflows so the technicians / engineers are able to record the workings of the turbines when they are in the turbines and collect date through the movile app, reducing the need for wasteful and manual paperwork. They now take photographs which are saved directly to Smartsheet, helping engineers see the full history in the future. All the critical elements of running the turbines are recorded and displayed on Dashboards. The central team has a complete picture of the turbines performance real time, all displayed via Dashboards.


The key benefits of the solution are data integrity, diagnosing turbine performance to make more proactive and reactive decisions, and time saving for our team and customers.

To discuss how Cheetah Transformation can support you on your Smartsheet Transformation journey in Operations teams and displaying critical data on Dashboards, please get in touch.

Here’s their story:

“At GE, everywhere we look, we see the promise of renewable energy. The mission of GE renewables is simply to harness the abundance of energy that’s provided by the planet. We saw wind as a market segment with a huge opportunity. Some of the challenges that GE is facing today is technology and how fast it’s changing. If you think about industry 4.0 or the new industrial revolution, it’s forcing people to make that change happen. We needed to elevate ourselves as a business to something that will separate us from our competition. If you don’t change you fall off the map.” says GE’s Gurmeet Mangat.

“When I first got the job, it was a lot of emails, alot of meetings, alot of files stored in a million different places. With Smartsheet, you maintain momentum. Everyone gets information when they need it, as they need it. For smartsheet at the end of the day we basically just drop everything and leave because if we had to do all of our paperwork we’d be an extra two hours. With Smartsheet now the end of the day is 15-20 minutes.”

“We have data integrity now where we didn’t have it before. Being able to diagnose the Machine and being proactive it’s very critical today. I manage every aspect of the business through a dashboard, to make more proactive decisions and reactive issues. The amount of detail we can provide to our technicians and our customers is outstanding. Now they can open up their phone, go to their dashboards that are saved right in their favourites and they can see everything they need to play in the day.”

“We used a mobile app to also upload pictures. They’ll add this to their work order so that the next person that climbs the turbine can go back and read the history and having those pictures now changed our conversation from 30 minutes down to 10 minutes. Smartsheet has helped our transformation in our operations team by displaying key date in dashboards – it just makes everything easier. That’s important for me because everything else I do is so hard. Smartsheet is a solution, it’s not just a tool. It’s really the sky is the limit and that’s the reason why I chose Smartsheet.”

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