Great new features anounced at Smartsheet ENGAGE 2018 conference

Smartsheet Engage

Mark Mader, CEO of Smartsheet gave his keynote speech on Tuesday morning in front of the audience of 2,000 Smartsheet enthusiastsat the annual Smartsheet Engage conference. The audience was 50% female, from 1,100 companies, from 20 countries from around the world.

Several key themes emerged, the first was around Smartsheet’s ability to empower everyone to improve how they work. This all happens when we empower people to connect, innovate and execute with speed. Great quotes surfaced such as “Smartsheet made me Queen of the world” and “I wake up every morning with a warrior mindset. Smartsheet is my sword”. The key take out is lets empower our teams to improve their existing processes.

The second theme was around how Business teams and IT are increasingly choosing tools which are best fit for the job. Smartsheet is becoming the leader in Execution – tracking, planning and automating work. Smartsheet then sits alongside other best in breed web services such as Google Docs, SalesForce, Slack etc with all services talking to each other. This is the way work is moving, so get on the ride.

The third major theme was around Transformation – how Smartsheet is enabling customers to transform their businesses. Focusing on a key problem in a business, and working through in a whiteboard how to make changes, and build a solution, customers have been amazed how quickly they can make changes. The take out was just start small, do 1 thing which can be seen by others, that will have a ripple effect. Encouraging others to surface wins will lead to confidence. All this leads to improvements in speed, transparency, accountability and quality.

The 3 major Product updates announced were:

  1. Assign Multiple Contacts to a Column
  2. Add External Web Content to Dashboards and Portals
  3. Include @mentions in Comments

See the New Product Capabilities launched at Smartsheet Engage 18

This was my first time at Smartsheet Engage and I can say it was a very worthwhile trip for my business Cheetah Transformation. I larned a great deal. met some awesome people and was inspired on a daily basis.

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