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Solve business challenges fast with Smartsheet IT PMO

Creating an IT PMO that is easy to use and efficient is a major challenge for many businesses.

In fact, nearly 50% of IT projects require rework, wasting valuable time, money, and resources. [1]

Smartsheet offers a solution allowing IT leaders to improve visibility and resource tracking while ensuring projects deliver a better return on investment for the business.

Smartsheet PMO delivers:

  • The ability to solve business challenges quickly
  • An easy-to-use solution
  • Instant business value
  • Clear project visibility
  • Enterprise security and controls

[1] Arcidiacono, Giuseppe. 2017. “Comparative research about high failure rate of IT projects and opportunities to improve.” PM World Journal Vol. VI, Issue II – February 2017: 1-10/

“Our executives are completely wowed by the reports.... They like the focus on the path to green for projects at risk and they like seeing a summary of overall project health. Additionally, we’re seeing over $100K per year in savings associated with reduced churn and reporting overhead.”

Linda Lauritano, VP, PMO, Motus

Smartsheet optimises all your IT PMO work processes

  • Demand management
  • Project provisioning
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Issue tracking
  • Project archiving
A diagram that shows how Project Data ladders up in to Dashboards to provide project transparency to leaders

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