How MOD Pizza uses Smartsheet Control Centre to manage their store opening programme

The inside of a MOD pizza store

The story in the video below showcases why Smartsheet, and especially Smartsheet Control Centre, is such a powerful tool. MOD Pizza is a young company, and they were able to manage opening a handful of stores per year. Work was being undertaken in Excel files and emails and this was causing a number of issues. This included file version control, work getting buried in emails etc and so they decide to organise themselves by using Smartsheet. This helped them massively.

Introducing Smartsheet Control Centre

What do you do when suddenly faced with the challenge of having to open a hundred stores in a year? MOD Pizza was looking for a way to scale their store opening programme. They scoured the market, and then realised the best solution was staring them in the face.

Smartsheet Control Centre was developed to help companies scale their projects (when they launch more than 15 projects per year). When you need to spin up a new project in Smartsheet, you can simply save your Project Template suite (the various sheets, reports & dashboards that are used) as a new name (Save As). You would then update the project with new data, and new file names etc. To produce the Exec summarised view, you would also need to manually cell link data from the project suite to a summary table. It’s cumbersome, mistakes can be made, and not an ideal solution when you are in the position that MOD Pizza faced.

The 3 major benefits of Smartsheet Control Centre are:

  • Set up projects consistently, wity the right naming conventions
  • All key data metrics / KPI’s from project linked to summary sheets
  • You can update all projects at one time using Global Updates

I’ll talk more about Smartsheet Control Centre at another time. This will include how Cheetah Transformation have implemented Control Centre for Arla, a European dairy, to help them transform their New Product Development / Go to Market process. The aim was to ensure they launch products effectively and on time. If you would like Cheetah Transformation to help with your Smartsheet Control Centre deployment, please get in touch.

Here is the MOD video

The transcript from the video is below:

MOD Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain. We’re a very purpose-driven, mission-driven company. We serve pizzas we can serve people and we’ve been able to grow quickly

Opening a couple stores a year is no big deal and we can manage that.  Then suddenly we open 100 stores last year, you’re managing a hundred separate spreadsheets and trying to manage all these different dates. Inevitably you’re going to miss one and then the project may be delayed and it’s just very costly in resources.

One of the big drivers has been getting everyone away from all this spreadsheets for all and getting people into something that’s a little bit more automated.

I started evaluating our store development processes and we’re using things all over the board. All of our collaboration was through emails. People would send out an Excel workbook or they’ll send out an email and then everyone has to update their own sheets and their own schedule. There’s no processes that were in place and no sharing information, no collaboration at all.

Evaluation process

Through the evaluation process we discovered something that was actually living within our company. That was Smartsheet. We now have a whole process where if we can go in we enter the set amount of fields, it’s the same for every single store every single project. As soon as we click create project, it takes a few seconds, and then we have spun up exactly the project plan matches every other project plan. All the information and details flows into a sheet where everyone can track everything in one place. It’s a huge time saver but it also provides the flexibility for us to be able to individualize those stores.

Not all of our stores are going to be similar but the processes are similar and so using Smartsheet control center we can emulate that process over and over again but still have the flexibility of changing the process as we go along.

I changed my perception of Smartsheet really just because I had only really worked with building sheets and reports. I feel like it really adds a whole new layer of functionality. It’s an easy sell when you talk about ROI of what Smartsheet can provide from a numbers perspective. The best part is if we can decrease the amount of time it takes us to do a construction project by a week, then that’s a week of someone else getting wages.

If our people are happy if our MOD Squaders in the store come to work for us excited to work for us.  They’re also going to treat the customer that way.

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