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Cheetah Transformation runs a range of Smartsheet training course and events online to help you accelerate your Smartsheet learning. Whether you are new to Smartsheet and want to know how to get going, or whether you want some help on certain topics, we are here for you. We also run events to showcase how Smartsheet can help organisations move faster, drive innovation and achieve more. 

Upcoming Training Courses & Events

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Free training courses & Events

Cheetah Transformation runs 3 free online events on a monthly basis to help you get the most out of Smartsheet. Get Started provides new users with simple ways to build sheets, reports and understand the power of dashboards. Why Smartsheet aims to help leaders and project managers understand the power of the tool. Smartsheet Meetup in a monthly online gathering, where we help the community get the most out of Smartsheet.

Get Started

New to Smartsheet?

Do you need help to get started on your Smartsheet journey? In this 90 minute workshop, we will cover the following topics:

1. Building a basic sheet – understand sheet & column types, formatting & sharing

2. Working with simple formulas

3. Create a report

4. Showcasing dashboards and more advanced features

5. Q&A

Held monthly on Zoom and is free to attend. Book your place now in the events section below to avoid disappointment. 

Once you get started, there will be no stopping you!

Why Smartsheet?

Are you a company director or programme / project leader looking to drive innovation and improve efficiencies within your organisation?

In this 60 minute workshop, we will cover the following topics:

1. The evolution of collaborative work management tools and how they can transform businesses, by bringing a single version of the truth, visibility & accountability to your processes.

2. Case studies of leading companies who have successfully implemented Smartsheet across their organisations such as Paypal, Cisco & Ogilvy.

3. Demonstrating 5 simple ways how Smartsheet can make an immediate improvement to your current processes.

4. How we can support you on your Smartsheet journey.

These monthly sessions are delivered on Zoom and are free to attend.

Unleash the potential of your organisation through Smartsheet!

Smartsheet Meetup

Are you an existing Smartsheet user and want to accelerate your Smartsheet journey?

In this 2 hour informal interactive session, you can come along and learn from fellow Smartsheet users. Topics will include:

1. New Smartsheet features

2. Formula practice

3. Member showcasing their real solutions

4. Help answer your questions

Held on the second Wednesday evening of every month on Zoom and is free to attend. Smartsheet novices and experts are welcome. Please bring along a laptop, some questions and the spirit of helping others. 

Together, we aim to accelerate your Smartsheet learning!

Paid courses

Cheetah Transformation runs a range of paid Smartsheet training courses. These range from our popular half day Smartsheet Foundations course, currently run on Zoom, to a range of 2 hour modules, focusing on 1 key feature. These courses include Creating Dashboards, Automations and Project Management. We also run ccourses covering premium applications, including Smartsheet Control Centre and 10,000ft resource management. To discuss a personalised, in-house training course, please get in touch.

Smartsheet foundations


Creating Dashboards in Smartsheet

Advanced Smartsheet

Premium courses

Smartsheet Control Centre

Resource Management with 10,000ft

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