Introduction to Smartsheet (1 day course)

Accelerate your Smartsheet learning so you can plan, track, report & automate your work

Introduction to Smartsheet (1 day course)

During this one-day course, you’ll learn everything you need to get started with Smartsheet.

In the morning, we’ll teach you all the features and functions that Smartsheet offers, including sheets, forms, automations, reports and cell linking plus dashboards, formulas and functions and project management.

By early afternoon, you’ll have built your own fully functioning Smartsheet dashboard and be ready to take what you’ve learnt back to your organisation and continue with confidence.

The course is a mixture of theory, demonstrations and exercises. The best way to learn is by doing, so we try and make the day as interactive and fun as is possible. We keep the class sizes down, with a maximum of 12 attendees.

Who is the course for? Project Managers and work owners who have a Smartsheet licence and want to accelerate their learning of Smartsheet. You may have started with Smartsheet and used the basic sheets, but haven’t yet mastered forms, reports, dashboards or automations.

Location? Central London

Requirements? You need to be a Licenced user or set up a 30 day free account for the training

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide a thorough overview of Smartsheet
  • Inspire delegates to show the art of the possible with Smartsheet
  • Create a fully functioning Smartsheet Dashboard
  • Understand how to get started with Smartsheet
  • Understand how to get the best out of sheets
  • Build your first Form and bring data into a sheet vis a webform
  • Create your first Smartsheet Report
  • Practice some Smartsheet formulas & functions
  • Create your first Automation
  • Understand the basics of Project Management & Resource Management
  • Having the confidence to apply your learnings in your business

Detailed course breakdown

  1. User & Licence types
  2. Navigating Smartsheet
  3. Personal Settings
  1. Importing from Excel, Project etc
  2. Column Types
  3. Types of Sheets
  4. Conditional Formatting
  5. Filters
  1. Why use Forms?
  2. Create a form
  3. Publishing a form
  1. Why Automate?
  2. Automation Types
  3. Triggers, Conditions & Actions
  1. Creating a report
  2. Cell linking
  3. Sending a report
  1. Widget Types
  2. Designing your Dashboard
  3. Creating a Dashboard
  4. Portals
  1. Formula Basics
  2. Functions – Numeric, Logical, Text, Dates & Hierarchy
  1. Dependencies
  2. Timeline
  3. Predecessor Types
  4. Critical Path
  5. Resource Management

Certified Smartsheet Trainer

Your Cheetah Transformation trainer are both Smartsheet Product Certified and Smartsheet Solution Certified.

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