Take the stress (and time) out of planning THE most important party of the year with Smartsheet Forms

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If it’s taking longer to plan the company Christmas party than it takes to plan a royal wedding, you need help! In this video you’ll discover how to instantly stop the to-ing and fro-ing and make planning this year’s party a breeze all through using Smartsheet Forms.

Then you can relax, knowing the celebrations will go with a bang. And your team can get back to work (instead of arguing about whether Ashley from accounts is gluten-free or vegan).

Smartsheet Forms are really easy to set-up. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a new Sheet in Smartsheet
  2. Determine the data you wish to collect and name the columns appropriately (e.g. Name, Email / telephone number, request)
  3. Click the Forms button, and press ‘Create Form’. Once a form is created, you can click ‘Manage’ to make any changes.
  4. Add a Title and a Description for the form
  5. Determine which fields you wish to collect data for
  6. Determine if each field is a compulsory field or optional
  7. Customise with line breaks as required
  8. Click on ‘Add Field’ button to add other fields – this is useful when you add a column to the actual sheet and want to display this in the form
  9. Determine the form layout / design using the Form Options button – for example the confirmation Options (the message received when the form is completed) and the design.
  10. Save the form and preview (the url can be posted elsewhere)
  11. Smartsheet Forms can be displayed on Smartsheet Dashboards

Click on link for more info on Collecting information through forms. There are many great uses for Smartsheet Forms. People use forms for Customer queries, call centres, gathering ideas from teams, collating ideas for projects etc. The list goes on endlessly, there are so many good user cases.

An example of a form is the Contact Us form for Cheetah Transformation:


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