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Little shoots growing
Little shoots growing
Syngenta shoots

One of the best customer stories that emerged from Smartsheet Engage 2019 in Seattle was the story of Syngenta. 1 year ago, a Syngenta colleague attended Engage 2018, and wanted to drive change within the business. 12 months later we have seen the transformation that has taken place at Syngenta through improved visibility across their global business. The speed and scale of the transformation is outstanding (see video below).

What is really interesting is the commonality with so many other user cases that I’ve heard over the past few years. The major challenge was consolidating data into a central pace across large teams and various geographies, to help make faster decisions.

Syngenta found that Smartsheet helped with:

  • Providing complete visibility across the organisation into what is going on
  • Making decisions faster and real time
  • Simplicity – Smartsheet is easy to use, and the way you approach problems changes

How can your organisation experience a transformation on the scale of Syngenta?

  • Take some Smartsheet training – become an expert and become Smartsheet solution accredited
  • Build a core team of Smartsheet users, share best practice
  • Build some dashboards to bring visibility of activity to the Exec team and other teams
  • Attend Smartsheet User Groups
  • Get some support from the Smartsheet Professional Services team or from Smartsheet Consultants from Channel Partners

If you would like some help to start your Smartsheet transformation, please feel free to get in touch

A video of the Syngenta journey was produced and it’s well worth a view:

“The world’s population is growing by over 200,000 people every day. In the next 50 years we will have to produce more food than the last ten thousand years. That’s where Syngenta comes into play” Ana Davis, Head of Health, Safety & Environment.

“Syngenta’s good growth plan is our commitment to sustainable food production, our ability to improve the yields of crops and to be able to do it in a safe way. One of the big challenges we have as a global company with people (28,000 people) dispersed and hundreds (90 countries) of locations is the ability to get data into a single place. Smartsheet has made it possible to bring data together to make decisions faster about the crops we produce, about the way we work, the way we manufacture our products” Chuck Mihaliak, IT Portfolio Manager.

“The plants don’t have work hours, they just keep growing and Smartsheet has enabled us to get that data in there, giving us complete visibility into what is going on. We’re now able to start making decisions real-time looking at trends and this helps us to be more proactive, rather than reactive”. Katie Hunter, Senior Research Scientist.

“With Smartsheet we’re able to be very strategic in how we work. We’re able to put all of our information together in one place and we have visibility from our leadership level all the way down to every single person that needs access to it. It really revolutionized how we work” Scott Moore, Regional Manager of Health, Safety & Environment.

“The way we’re using Smartsheet to really improve our safety performance is truly transformational” Ana Davis.

“Within about three months we have 130 safety observations whereas last year we had 10 for the entire site. We’re protecting people every day thanks to Smartsheet” Scott Moore.

“Once you understand the power of Smartsheet and how easy it is to use, the way you approach problems completely changes. We’re trying to solve real world problems climate change and loss of land for our farmers. Smartsheet is going to help us take it to the next level” Ana Davis.

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