Customer Stories

Leading organisations around the globe are using Smartsheet to get more done. Here are some of their stories…​

PayPal - real time visibility & accountability

We needed a tool that was flexible that was easy. Smartsheet is our single system of accountability, the system of record for the portfolio as a whole. Smartsheet really allows that summary views so you can really see the forest from the trees. One of the things we found really valuable about Smartsheet is the fact that we can use the tool from beginning to end.

Cisco – Full Transparency Accelerates Informed Decisions

Smartsheet helped us with speed to decision-making around scope budget and timeline. It’s very collaborative, so when you talk about date of delivery there’s no debate on the date now. The

notification feature shows you exactly what’s changed and who’s been doing what and that is huge. We were really enamoured by that feature.

MOD – Scalable pizza store opening programme

It’s an easy sell when you talk about ROI of what Smartsheet can provide from a numbers perspective and the best part is if we can decrease the amount of time it takes us to do a construction project a week, then that’s a week of someone else getting wages.

Aramark – Smartsheet has given me super power

I think the important thing about Smartsheet is that it gives us a mechanism to consolidate information, complex information, in simple ways. And putting it in one place makes access to it that much easier.

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