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Smartsheet has given me super power

Our mission is to create repeatable solutions that drive innovative food service. We work with a lot of colleges and universities and in those higher education facilities we have to be open by let’s say mid-August, by the fall semester, otherwise if we’re doing a renovation project in a dining hall and it’s not open by mid-august when the students come back our relationship with the client seriously suffers.

So before Smartsheet I would say it’s 99% through email so people’s emails were being filled to the brim. We didn’t have the ability to share information on the same platform. We didn’t have the ability to share thoughts and comments on the same platform. We didn’t have the ability to do all those things that you would need to do to execute a capital project within one suite of programs.

I think the important thing about Smartsheet is that it gives us a mechanism to consolidate information, complex information, in simple ways. And putting it in one place makes access to it that much easier. The Control Center is extremely rich because what it allows us to do and what we didn’t have the capability to do before is to look at our historical work, look at all the capital projects that we’ve done before and actually project what similar projects will cost in the future. But at the same time it also helps the organization get a better perspective and a better view real time.

Now I’m able to give live information when people ask for it. It’s almost given me a super power now when you think about it. Just having that dashboard and understanding what’s going right, what’s going wrong and to be able to make decisions in real time, it’s just a great benefit.

So we’ve templatized our process but left enough room for there to be innovation and left enough room for there to be a marriage between the art and science of capital project development.

There’s lots of solutions that are out there. Some of them see the light of day. Others just kind of wither in the dark when they get put out there. I’m very optimistic that Smartsheet is going to be one of those that explodes and that it grows with us and scales up with us as we develop.

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