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Supporting You on Your Smartsheet Journey

It’s no secret. Here at Cheetah Transformation we love Smartsheet.

In fact, we have a nerdy obsession with the technology. But what excites us most is seeing Smartsheet transform businesses by making projects and processes more effective.

Seeing the relief on our customer’s faces when we introduce them to Smartsheet is so rewarding. They instantly see the big difference the technology will make to their business and how it will make their lives so much easier.

As one customer recently said: “We’ve been waiting 15 years for something like this!”

Transforming the lives and businesses of our customers is exactly why we love doing what we do so much.

Our specialism is helping organisations achieve improved visibility, accountability and performance across the business. Using Smartsheet, we help cross-functional teams work better together – even when they are working across the globe.

Working as your Smartsheet consultant, we provide all the support, consultancy, training, and help you need to make Smartsheet work for your organisation.

Cheetah Transformation – Your Smartsheet Consultants

The Smartsheet consultancy, Cheetah Transformation was founded by retail expert Rob Eberstein who has worked with many leading brands including Sainsburys, Carphone Warehouse, eBay and Arla Foods.

With over 20 years’ experience in the retail and FMCG sectors, Rob recognised the need for better project management tools within the sector. He wanted to find a way to help teams complete projects more quickly and effectively, with fewer headaches along the way.

Eventually, Rob found Smartsheet while looking to solve a problem for a large multinational organisation. He quickly spotted the opportunities and potential the project management software offered – in particular for retailers and FMCG organisations as well as IT PMO and professional services.

Today, Cheetah Transformation focusses on helping companies in these sectors improve their performance by using Smartsheet.

The services we offer include:

  • Smartsheet licences and pricing – to deliver the best ROI
  • Smartsheet consultancy – to identify the opportunities the software offers your organisation
  • Smartsheet set up – to ensure Smartsheet does everything you need it to; from day one
  • Smartsheet training – getting your teams onboard, educating and enthusing them so they can use the software effectively

Expertise, experience and value

With our background in the FMCG and retail sectors, our services are tailored to organisations in these fields. That means when you choose us as your Smartsheet consultancy, we add real value to your organisation.

We understand the challenges you face and have the tools to improve your company’s performance while offering a great return on investment.

Cheetah Transformation is based in London, working with organisations across the UK.

Change Management Consultancy

For us, it’s not just about the software. A great project work management platform is just the start. But the real value comes through our consultancy.

We’ll get to know your organisation inside out, the challenges you face, and the opportunities you have to develop and grow. Armed with this information, we will create a practical strategy, using Smartsheet to bring positive change to your organisation.

Want to know more about how Cheetah Transformation can help you work smarter, faster, and more effectively?

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