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Cheetah Transformation runs a range of Smartsheet training courses. These range from our popular one day Introduction to Smartsheet courses, currently run in London, to a range of in-house courses, run in your office. These courses include Intermediate & Advanced Smartsheet, managing a Smartsheet project and courses covering premium applications. These include managing projects at scale with Smartsheet Control Centre and 10,000ft resource management. The list of public training courses are listed at the bottom of this page. To discus an in-house training course, please get in touch.

Managing a Smartsheet Project

Smartsheet Control Centre

Resource Management with 10,000ft

Introduction to Smartsheet (1 day) Beginners London, UK 31 Jan 2020 9am-5pm £250 + VAT
Introduction to Smartsheet (1 day) Beginners London, UK 19 Mar 2020 9am-5.30pm £250 + VAT
In-house Smartsheet training (1.5 days) Various Your office You choose 9am-5pm £1,200 + VAT

For more information on any of our training courses, please contact us.

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